Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2016 Welcome Back

Wow what a whirlwind of a beginning to this year 2016!! Students are eager to learn and READ, I don't think there have ever been as many early  morning visitors as there are this year!! We are looking forward to making the library a fabulous space this year.  If you have not seen it, we have removed the story steps from the library and I will be working diligently to create a fun Makerspace for the students in that corner!! I will be sure to post pictures soon!!

Welcome to all of our new families to Paxton Keeley. I am enjoying getting to know so many new students this year. Definitely working on learning lots of new names.

Monday, October 27, 2014

All Things Library

I am so excited about our upcoming month or maybe two in which all students will be learning "All Things Library." Fifth graders are currently working to create short little commercials using iMovie for all of the spaces in the library. Younger students will be able to access these commercials via QR codes with an iPad. We hope this collaborative effort will make the learning more meaningful to everyone. Students will be learning about Destiny which is our database of library books. We will be sharing lots and lots of great books through the Children's Choice Book Award program. Students are already reading these brand new books in their classrooms. Younger students will be exploring "new" areas of the library and learning the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction books. They will also be learning how and why books have their own "home" in the library.

 Some pretty amazing kids planning their iMovie.
Even more amazing kids working on their iMovie.
We are so lucky to work with all of these great kids!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

It was a very busy week in the library this week. We were busy teaching students about the importance of being safe on the internet. Students have also been checking out lots of books. All Paxton students seem really eager to get their hands on the "best" books this year. I hope I can accommodate all of these amazing requests.

The fifth graders were issued their iPads on Friday the 19th and are very excited to start using them in the classroom. My instructional aides and I hope to teach them about Google Classroom this week. It will be fun to learn how to integrate this wonderful tool into their already existing curriculum.

This will be a short post this week, as I need to get back to some planning for classes this week. I'm looking forward to a week of fun and learning! I hope you are too!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Welcome to the Library!

Things are little different this year in the Media Center.  We want to welcome back Karen Eagle as the oh, so amazing Media Clerk.  We couldn't keep this place organized without her. We also want welcome new Instructional Aides that will be working with your children this year and teaching many of media classes during the ABCD rotation.  Ms. Alison White will be instructing a majority of the classes while Ms. Chelsea Evans will be here to assist on C day mornings and Mr. Alex Brechbuhler will be here all day on D day to help with D day specials.  All of this extra help allows me (Susan Finke) to integrate technology into the classroom more fully with teachers and students!  I am super excited in this new endeavor this year.

Students in all grades have been working to learn how to access the computer and more importantly, rules for internet and computer safety.   We will be working hard this year to make sure that the students know what it means to have a positive digital footprint.